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3 steps (and some key qualities) to become a successful car hauler

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Transporting vehicles from one place to another with a safe, damage-free mindset can be a very rewarding career. Here's a plan on how to make it happen.

Auto transport professional loading a vehicle

March 17, 2023

Auto transport, or car hauling as it's often coined, can be a financially rewarding and satisfying career. Drivers at US AutoLogistics typically earn an average of $85,000-95,000 annually. This figure goes up when safety, quality, and productivity bonuses are reached. There are many drivers in our workforce who consistently earn six-figure salaries, year after year. How much one earns is 100% within one's control and desire.

Plus, a career in auto transport is a fantastic way to keep your mind sharp and body in great shape.

But how does one get started?

Step 1 — Obtain a Class A commercial driver's license.

A Class A CDL can be obtained at any number of technical driving schools. In Texas, a Class A CDL allows one to drive a vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 26,001 pounds or more.

Step 2 — Get some driving experience.

Obtain at least 1-2 years of over-the-road, interstate driving experience with a clean driving record. It can be dry van, freight hauler, flatbed, reefer, or related experience with a trailer length of at least 41 feet. Since auto transport is a very specialized service within the trucking industry, it's important to have a good foundation and understanding of the many aspects (e.g., driving compliance, safety, load securement) of transporting valuable cargo.

Illustration of auto transport equipment

Step 3 — Get auto transport experience. (Yes, we can help!)

US AutoLogistics hires inexperienced car haulers and provides paid, on-the-job training. The intensive training program—which lasts five (5) weeks and covers all of the necessary topics to be a successful and productive car hauler—includes a robust combination of classroom, digital, and hands-on learning opportunities.

As candidates progress through training, they are eventually paired up with an experienced trainer to gain practical insight into a car hauler's daily routines. Finally, the candidate's achievements are celebrated with a graduation event and are crowned America's newest professional car haulers. And away they go!

New car haulers receive constant communications and support from a collaborative team of associates—lead drivers, yard coordinators, safety specialists, and fleet managers—to help ensure they are equipped to succeed and grow their skills.

Personal qualities can help make one stand above the rest.

  1. A safety-oriented mindset – Being mindful of inherent risks, taking one's time, and pre-planning one's day not only helps to ensure a driver's safe passage, it reinforces the promises we make to our customers.

  2. Loads of pride – Taking pride in one's work and being intentional about one's efforts reflects very favorably on the associate and supports USAL's mission of providing exceptional service.

  3. A desire to grow – Car hauling doesn't have to be a job. Rather, it's an opportunity to build a lasting, worthwhile career, whether it's behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer or managing a team of 40 drivers. Improving one's personal self and engaging in professional development are the roots that make for an exceptional, dynamic organization of which everyone can be proud.

With patience, hard work, and a daily commitment to safe behaviors, a car hauler can enjoy a satisfying and lucrative career.



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