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3 requirements to become a certified third party auto carrier

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Are you looking for a fair and consistent car hauling partnership? USAL may be a great fit for you and your car hauling business.

Auto transport equipment

May 15, 2023

USAL, the premier vehicle transportation and logistics provider, can help keep your trucks loaded and your car hauling business productive.

Below are three significant requirements to become a certified carrier for USAL.

1 — FMCSA-Verified, Safe Driving Skills

The USAL brand of auto transport companies insists on maintaining a safe driving culture. A carrier must maintain FMCSA scores that indicate a "Satisfactory" Safety Rating and Out of Service (OOS%) rates that are lower than the national average. Every carrier is evaluated independently by our Risk Management team; a carrier may potentially haul USAL freight on a probationary status until scores and/or ratings meet our standards.

2 — Certificate of Insurance

In addition to having safe-driving ratings, a carrier must have a U.S. DOT or state registration number, and the following insurance coverage:

  • Cargo - $250,000 (1-4 units) / $500,000 (5+ units)

  • Auto - $1,000,000

  • General Liability (each occurrence limit) - $1,000,000

  • Workers Compensation / Occupational Accident Insurance for Sole Drivers - $1,000,000

3 — Completed Application

A carrier must complete an application for certification. If your application to become a certified carrier is approved, you will receive information via email to help facilitate the setup of your payable account.

Get a complete list of requirements.

Why Haul for Us?

Simply, we offer a different and better experience.

  • Fast, flexible payments — We are pleased to offer the flexibility and back-end support systems to pay on a weekly basis to meet your equipment and maintenance needs.

  • A partnership of care and respect — We nurture our business relationships by establishing trust and communication.

  • Great rates and quality freight — We are happy to offer very competitive rates, many of which are for two-way traffic lanes because we choose our cargo wisely.

Start your certification process now. (Yes, we are also hiring company drivers!)



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