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We're in the people business. We just happen to haul cars.

USAL is an associate-first organization. How we aim to relate to each other lies at the very heart of our brand. So, we work hard at building people and nurturing those relationships. It's our people who build the business.



We are committed to providing a safe environment for both our associates and the general public. This unwavering commitment has resulted in one of the best safety records in our industry. By uniting Our Values with attentive safety and quality practices, our associates embrace our S.O.L.D. philosophy to help guide their every movement.

When handling and delivering product, we promise to strive to do it safely, on-time, legally-compliant, and damage-free.


Your new career is just ahead. Be a part of USAL.



We often get the question: "What's the significance of the three decals located on the back of your truck cabs?"


Positioned behind the driver's seat, the icons are a daily reminder to our associates about what's important—their individual health and well-being. We know that a happy, healthy associate will be an asset to our company, as well as a helpful, loving member of their family and community.

Head – Is your mind free of distractions to ensure your safe passage on roads? Are you mentally at ease and thinking positively?

Heart – Are you connected to your emotions, and therefore, to the emotions of the people in your life? Is your heart in the game?

Hands – Are you physically prepared for your day? Is your body able to meet the demands of the role? Do you have a good daily routine?

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