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USAL expands auto transport capabilities with introduction of USAL Solutions

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

The premier auto transport provider looks to the future with the expansion of USAL Solutions, a national auto transport brokerage business.

Side-view mirror of auto transport equipment

May 1, 2023

HOUSTON, TX (May 1, 2023)—US AutoLogistics, the premier auto transport provider headquartered in Houston, Texas, with origin points and terminal locations throughout the southern United States, announces the expansion of its affiliated company, USAL Solutions, a national auto transport brokerage company. The move reflects USAL's evolution and its strategic diversification for the future as it recognizes its 10th anniversary this year.

USAL Solutions arranges for the safe, high-quality transport of vehicles by pairing available freight with its team of certified carriers. The company differentiates itself from other auto brokerage services by offering greater customer care and flexibility for its partners.

Logo for USAL Solutions

"Through USAL Solutions, we are excited to introduce our unique range of end-to-end services, offering competitive rates and high-quality freight to our carriers while providing timely communication, flexibility, and back-end support to best meet their needs," said Doug Bennett, president of USAL Solutions. "We take great pride in establishing trust and nurturing our carrier relationships."

With this most recent business expansion, the organizational brand is now collectively known as USAL—which encompasses USAL Solutions and US AutoLogistics, a regional interstate auto carrier with a modernized fleet of nearly 400 transports.

"We have provided over 40 years of safe, on-time, legally-compliant, and damage-free service to our customers. Our recent expansion of USAL Solutions will allow the USAL brand of companies to continue to offer premium auto transport and logistics solutions at an elevated level for many years to come," said President Gary Cole. "As we embark on our 10th anniversary as USAL, this milestone is the perfect occasion to acknowledge the evolution and transformation of our organization."

Originally established in 1980 as Gulf States Toyota Trucking with 10 transports delivering Toyota product to dealers across the state of Texas, the company became GST Transport Systems (GSTTS) in 1990. US AutoLogistics was formed in 2013 as a result of a consolidation between GSTTS and Alabama-based Alaplex Auto Transport. USAL Solutions was formed in 2021.

About USAL

USAL is the premier auto transport and logistics provider. Headquartered in Houston, TX, USAL offers safe, on-time, legally-compliant, and damage-free delivery to its customers through its brand of companies—USAL Solutions, a national brokerage and logistics provider, and US AutoLogistics, a regional interstate carrier. USAL maintains an unwavering stance on diversity, equity, and inclusion and is affiliated with The Friedkin Group.



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