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John Torres: Tire technician by day, boxer for life

Meet John Torres, a skilled tire technician at USAL who balances his passion for boxing with his dedication to his craft.

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June 24, 2024

On most days you can find John Torres in bay 9 of USAL's maintenance facility in Houston, remotely monitoring the pressure and performance of hundreds of tires in our fleet. However, John "Hercules" Torres is known for more than just his expertise in truck tires—he's a professional boxer with a story of resilience and dedication.

Born in New York City and raised in Orocovis, Puerto Rico, Torres turned to boxing at an early age to defend himself against childhood bullies, despite the initial disapproval from his parents. Torres persevered, and stuck with boxing partly because it was so deeply ingrained in his culture. The more he prepared and trained, the higher his status rose on fight cards. Eventually, he became the main event and a title holder while also being a skilled technician at USAL.

Balancing his job at USAL with his boxing training, Torres embodies discipline both in and out of the ring. He manages his own promotions, social media accounts, training regimen, and diet plans. He works out before and after work and has the support of a tight-knit boxing community in Baytown, Texas where he spars and trains. Torres aims to one day open a training facility that supports children with emotional and neurodivergent challenges.

"Whatever I do, whether it's boxing or tires, I do my absolute best. I just want to be the best."

Known as Hercules when he laces up his gloves, he holds a 9-0 record with six knockouts, including the American Boxing Organization super middleweight title. He is ranked 19th in the U.S. and 118th in the world. Despite his achievements, he remains humble and embraces boxing's supportive community and sportsmanship.

"I'm not an angry boxer," Torres says. "I respect my opponents and focus on preparation. Once I'm at the facility getting ready for my bout, there are no nerves—I'm there to enjoy the experience and the community of the sport. I know that I have already done everything I can possibly do to prepare."

Hercules's journey from technician to champion reflects the power of perseverance and passion, inspiring all who know his story.

About USAL

USAL is the premier auto transport and logistics provider. Headquartered in Houston, TX, USAL offers safe, on-time, legally-compliant, and damage-free delivery to its customers through its brand of companies—USAL Solutions, a national brokerage and logistics provider, and US AutoLogistics, a regional interstate carrier. USAL maintains an unwavering stance on diversity, equity, and inclusion and is affiliated with The Friedkin Group.



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