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US AutoLogistics opens maintenance facility to support its North Texas operations

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

The shop fulfills a strategic need to provide services to drivers while easing repair orders at other USAL facilities.

Transport equipment in shop facility

March 30, 2023

US AutoLogistics is putting the finishing touches on a truck maintenance facility for its Dallas-Fort Worth area operations.

The facility, which is adjacent to the BNSF Alliance intermodal rail hub near Haslet, Texas, opened on Monday, March 27. The 10,000-square-foot shop and office fill a strategic need to offer time-sensitive truck maintenance and repair services to drivers in the area.

"We are very excited to add the facility to our operating network, especially in the DFW Metroplex," said Allen Jones, senior manager of maintenance and equipment. "At any given moment, we have 30-40 drivers nearby who are either loading at a rail yard, unloading at a dealer store, or in transit. Having a truck facility in the immediate vicinity helps keep our drivers and their equipment serviced, and ultimately, on the road."

The DFW shop, which includes a full-length pit, will help alleviate service orders at other USAL facilities. Open Monday through Friday, the facility will focus on preventative maintenance and "daily running" repairs—hydraulics, check-engine light diagnostics, brakes, tires, and other repairs which can be completed within a day's work.

Ivan Key, an associate who has been with US AutoLogistics for nearly 12 years, was the first driver to take advantage of the new service facility when it opened.

"It's a big win for the company to have a shop in the DFW area. With shops in Houston and San Antonio, we now have our major traffic lanes in Texas covered. I'm sure our drivers will feel comfortable knowing they can have routine maintenance performed very close to where they happen to be running."

Map of USAL maintenance facilities

US AutoLogistics has a total of five maintenance locations in its network—DFW, Houston, San Antonio (Kirby), Shreveport, and Birmingham.


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