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144 new transports coming to USAL by end of 2024

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Car haulers spend a lot of time in their "office," so working for a company that invests in the best equipment available is vital.

Auto transport equipment

June 2, 2023

Car haulers know that having reliable, easy-to-use transport equipment is an absolute necessity to be productive and successful on the job. This is a big reason why US AutoLogistics will have over 140 new trucks by the end of 2024.

5-Year-Truck Strategy

The investment we make in new equipment is not a new idea. A few years ago, we put in place an aggressive and sustainable strategy to "refresh" the entire fleet in five years. This means that once a truck has been on the road for five years, it is replaced with a new truck. This approach allows us to maintain one of the newest fleets in the auto transport industry. Therefore, we expect to take delivery of 75-85 new trucks every year.

A "Simple" Truck, Designed by Our Drivers

Let's be real. Car hauling equipment is not simple; it's a complex piece of machinery. But in terms of what's currently on the road throughout the industry, the tractor-trailer that we developed with our partners―Peterbilt and Cottrell Trailers―is the easiest and most modern configuration for hauling vehicles efficiently and safely.

And our drivers guided us through the design! Through surveys, focus groups, and interviews, our very own driving associates provided input on how to "spec" the ideal tractor-trailer. Everything was on the table―manufacturer, cab style, engine, transmission, tires, trailer configuration, brakes, exhaust, ramping, lighting, comfort features, and more.

The final result is an easy-to-use, standardized truck that can respond nimbly for everywhere we do business. Though not an exhaustive list, below are a few specifications and upgrades:

  • Peterbilt Model 365 tractors, lowered and customized for auto transport

  • PACCAR MX-13 (13 liter) 455 HP multi-torque diesel engine with 12-speed PACCAR automatic transmission

  • 80-foot, 9-car, Cottrell Model CX-09LSFA Quickloader with 3-car head rack

  • Soft tie-down strapping technology

  • Disc brakes on tractor and trailer

  • Both day- and sleeper-cab styles

  • Sears Seating Atlas Series driver seat

  • Premium sound with Bluetooth and USB

  • All-LED lighting (e.g., front headlamps, night loading, strobe, rope-style)

  • Custom rear deck toolbox

A Ready and Available Maintenance Team

To help keep our modern trucks serviced, we staff five maintenance facilities which are strategically located throughout our network in Houston, San Antonio, Fort Worth (Haslet), Shreveport, and Birmingham. Many of our technicians are factory-certified on the PACCAR powertrain, thereby allowing our drivers to get back on the road quicker. Plus, the simplicity of our fleet (i.e., fewer tractor brands and year models) makes it much easier for our technicians to maintain and support.

All of our trucks are on regular maintenance schedules. We provide our drivers with automated "service due" notifications via text, online appointment scheduling and repair progress, and 24/7 roadside assistance.

If you are an experienced car hauler, you know that having reliable transport equipment is key to your success on the road.

If you are inexperienced or are looking to jump into the auto transport industry, find out how to become a car hauler and learn why driving for USAL is a great career decision.



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