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US AutoLogistics recognizes associates for Safety Milestone Awards

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Twenty-eight associates were recently celebrated for their safe work behaviors and career milestones.

Safety Milestone award

April 7, 2023

US AutoLogistics, the premier auto transport provider, recently honored 28 associates who achieved career milestones that exemplify safety excellence.

Awarded by the Risk Management department, Safety Milestone Awards are given to drivers and technicians who demonstrate accident- or incident-free work behaviors during their years of service. Milestones begin at year 5 and occur at five-year intervals thereafter.

Associates receive a gift of their choice that is commensurate with their milestone as well as a symbolic trophy.

Congratulations, everyone!

15 Years

  • Carlos Alvarado

  • Scott Cardwell

  • John Evans

  • John Gallegos

  • Rick Hanner

  • John Kelley

  • Victor Martinez

  • Charles Morse

  • Cody Seale

10 Years

  • Elton Albert

  • Riley Alfred

  • Lowell Jones

  • David Rodriguez

  • Timothy Smith

  • Clifton Taylor

5 Years

  • Timothy Beard

  • Jonathan Farnsworth

  • Christopher Granados

  • Larry Grant

  • Benton Johnson

  • John Little

  • Sidney Mills

  • Ryan Reed

  • Kristopher Rogers

  • Peter Rosales

  • Johnny Scott

  • James Tinney

  • Charles Welsh

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